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One of the things homebuyers think about when purchasing a home is safety, especially when you have a family and little children. Though having a burglar proof home is preferable by most it can also be pricey. So how do you have a safe home on a budget? We found some of the best ways to create a safe home without breaking the bank.


1. Install an Alarm System:


If you were only to buy one thing, this would be it. An alarm system is a great investment for your home. It not only build value to your household, but it creates a safe, surveillance environment. Whether your going on vacation, checking in on the kids, or simply going to bed, having an alarm system can give you a great peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and sound.


Here’s the thing, when people think about alarm systems they usually associate it with being expensive, but that’s not always the case. If you are on a budget ( and most of us are) then there are less expensive alarm system options that still do the trick. You can purchase a DIY security system for as little as 25 dollars! Now, it won’t be high tech and fancy, but as long as it sounds an alarm, that’s all that really matters.


If you want to add more features in the future, by all means, but the basic alarm system is all you really need. 



2. Install a Deadbolt on Your Front and Back Doors         


 Most people do not put much security on their front and back doors because they assume this would not be the main point of entrance for an intruder, but in fact  statistics show that 34% of intruders enter through the front door and 22 % enter through the back door. This encourages people to put extra security features on these two entrances. So what’s an efficient and cheap way to do this? Install a deadbolt. Once again, you don’t need a fancy, scan my fingerprint, expensive device. Simply installing a deadbolt on both your front and back door will do the trick, without hurting the bank account. When we say cheap, we don’t mean go to the dollar store and buy a two dollar lock. Make sure when you’re buying a deadbolt you buy a proper one, that will last and keep your house safe. A good deadbolt can be purchased for as little as 25 dollars and believe us, it’s worth it.


QUICK TIP: Try to get into the habit of using your deadbolt at all times, so you don’t forget to use it. You’d be surprised how many people have safety features and forget to use them. If you start getting into the habit right away, even when you don’t need it, it assures optimal safety results for your household. 



3. Buy Curtains or Blinds


Some burglars tend to “case” out a home before they decide to break in. If they look through a window and see valuable things inside, they are much more likely to plan a break in. Buying curtains or blinds for all of your windows is an inexpensive way to keep your household private and burglars out. Not to mention it’s also inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. Once again, you don’t have to overspend on this feature. As long as it keeps people from looking inside, it’ll do the trick.  If you prefer to keep your curtains open while you are home that is fine, just make sure to get into the habit of closing them when you leave the house or go to sleep.   



4. Garage Timer


The garage is one of the most common entrances for intruders to enter. This is because most people forget it opened and don’t get into the habit of locking the garage door. Investing in a garage timer is a great addition to ensure optimal safety within your household. It will automatically close your garage door after it’s been open for a certain amount of time. You can easily purchase one of these for as little as 40 dollars. 



5. Install a surveillance camera


Surveillance cameras are a great addition to add to your home. Instead of buying a dozen cameras for every corner of your home, just install one real one and use dummy cameras in other areas. This is a great way to scare off anyone that is intruding, how do they know it’s not real? A great idea is to install dummy cameras on the outside of your house and keep a real one in the main living area of your home. Not only can you use this for safety, but it’s also a great excuse to keep an eye on your children, or even if you have pets in the house. You can purchase an inexpensive camera for as little as $70.00. This is a small investment that can go a very long way. 



6. Make it Seem Like You Are Home at All Times


One of the features burglars look for is if the homeowner is away or on vacation, this is easily identifiable by seeing a build up of newspapers or flyers on your front step. If you are going on vacation, or away for a long period of time, as a neighbour or loved one to pick up the flyers from your doorstep so it appears that you are still home. Leaving a light on and keeping your lawn maintained are also great ways to make an intruder think that the home is occupied. Purchasing a light timer is a great investment in your home. It not only helps save energy, but it makes it seem like your home is occupied at all times. Just by doing these two simple things you can reduce the risk of being a victim of a burglary, plus it costs little to nothing to do. 



7.Have A Secret Hiding Place For Your Valuables


Most people think that having a safe is the ‘safest’ place to put your valuable items. Well, that may be the case, if you hide it. If an intruder sees a safe, they can easily take it and destroy the safe later. To prevent this, create a secret hiding space for any valuables you may have. This limits the chances of them being stolen and gives you a peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe. 



Some simple investments can go a long way, creating a safe, burglar proof home for you and your loved ones, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it! 


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