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With 60% of my business coming from referrals, I’ll detail what you need to ask a potential agent when interviewing them after your friends have given you a recommendation.


Finding a realtor can be a daunting process. You want someone you can trust, who will look out for your best interest and get you the best deal on your home purchase or sale. You should get referrals from friends, family or colleagues of realtors that they’ve used and had great success with. But, to ensure a great fit, you should interview the realtor and ask specific questions. There are six questions that you need to ask when vetting realtors for your home sale or purchase.

1.     How long have you been in business?

While an experienced realtor has the knowledge and practical experience to bring to the job, a new realtor will have the most up-to-date training and a fresh outlook on the business. You need to decide which is more important to you.

2.     How will you market my home?

Ask the realtor how they advertise and what methods they will use to market your home. Get them to show you examples of sold listings and how they have marketed those homes.

3.     How much do you charge?

A great realtor will be very upfront about their costs. Commissions are always negotiable, but remember that a good realtor is worth their weight in commissions. Paying someone what they are worth goes a long way to ensuring the best service.

4.     Can you give me some statistics on your home sales?

Find out the realtor’s average list-to-sales price ratio and ensure it comes close to list prices. A realtor who usually sells for under asking is either pricing too high or isn’t working hard enough to get you the list price. As well, find out how many of their homes have sold compared to how many have dropped from the market and the average number of days on the market. Once you are given the answers, take the time to research these numbers and find out if your realtor is exceptional or not quite.

5.     How much time can you dedicate to me?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, you want to know that this realtor will put in the time it takes to make you happy. If their schedule ahead is already full, you might not be able to coordinate a time for showings.

6.     What else do I need to know?

A great realtor will sell you after this question. They’ll let you know what you’ve missed in interviewing them and give you something to think about.

If you would like more information about buying or selling a home, or are ready to get started, please contact me for a no-obligation consultation! 



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